Smart Emotions

Learning to be smart with our emotions

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is known as the ability to recognise and understand emotions in ourselves and others, and the ability to use this awareness to better manage our behaviours and relationships with others. Top performers and effective leaders have a high degree of EQ. 

The best time to acquire EQ skills is in the early childhood years. The Happy Yosh book provides an important building block for emotional intelligence by helping our younger generation (between the ages of 3-7 years) to better understand and develop some comfort in talking about their emotions and to create an awareness of how their thinking can help shift their emotions.

This colourful and uniquely South African book is designed to be an interactive reading experience, either individually or as a group, with question time for children to share their own examples. The matching children's character t-shirt provides a symbolic way of reminding children about regulating their emotions.

The Happy Yosh book is available in both English and Afrikaans with various nationwide delivery options.  Also available at selected Exclusive Books and Bargain Books stores.